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"Torre" Polypropylene Chair Colos

"Torre" Polypropylene Chair Colos

Stackable chair TORRE by COLOS for Contract, Bars, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Catering and Banquets, Hotels, Ships, Residential Environments and many other destinations. Convenient, practical, robust and easy to clean.

The TORRE seat consists of two parts, both in polypropylene and fiberglass : a four-legged base and a backrest. The two pieces, united, appear as a single element.

The resistance of the material and structure of this chair make it an ideal product also for outdoor projects, such as terraces, dehors and gardens.

The retro design , inspired by traditional bistro seating, makes the product an ideal choice as a chair for restaurants and bars, but at the same time also appreciated for residential contexts, such as dining rooms, bedrooms and corridors .

The structure of the chair has been designed to be also stackable: it can thus be stored using a small space when not in use. An excellent solution for venues that require flexibility, adding and removing seats as needed.

Available in seven colors , Torre can also be equipped with a panel covered in fabric or imitation leather , which allows different color combinations and ensures comfort for the seat.

Design by Alban Le Henry

White / Ice Blue / Forest Green / Mud / Aubergine / Dark Gray / Black

On Request:
TORRE S stool / Seat upholstered in fabric or imitation leather
  • Made in Italy
  • Catas
  • Stackable
  • Outdoor
  • Colos
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